Lebanese cuisine finds a home in downtown Syracuse

By Don 
Cazentre / The Post-Standard

April 28, 2010, 10:25AM

Syracuse, NY -- Many items on the menu at the newly opened Byblos Cafe will seem familiar 
to diners at the area's Greek and Middle Eastern restaurants: Falafel, hummus, 
kibbeh, spanakopita, etc.

But look closely, and you'll find a slightly different influence -- the 
cuisine of Lebanon. That includes Loubieh Bzeit, green beans simmered in 
tomatoes, garlic and spices; Mujadara, a lentil-and-rice dish topped with 
caramelized onions and spices; and Labneh, a creamy Lebanese 

Byblos, billing itself as Syracuse's first Lebanese restaurant, opened at 233 
N. Clinton St. on Monday. It's owned by Fady Khabbaz, with culinary assistance 
from his Lebanese-born parents, Violette and Philip Khabbaz.

The menu features assorted appetizers, or mazza; grilled kebabs, pita wraps 
and paninis, soups, salads and pastries. There's also a category called 
Byblos-style pizzas, or mankoushe. And Fady Khabbaz is especially proud of his 
imported coffees.

Many items are vegan and/or vegetarian.

Byblos will be open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Inside seating is 
limited, but there will be 24 spaces outside during good weather, and Khabbaz 
expects a lot of takeout and catering business.